For Sale: 2005 Honda ST1300 ABS - $8,650

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For Sale: 2005 Honda ST1300 ABS - $8,650

Post by Graeme Beardwood on Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:01 pm

Here is an opportunity to purchase an excellent ST1300!   It’s current owner (Zev) is a friend of mine, and has meticulously maintained this ST1300, especially as he was a Honda motorcycle mechanic.

The ST1300 is currently listed for sale via – the link being:   
You can see from the photos that Zev has affixed a number of ‘after-market’ accessories.  Will be a good purchase!

I can certainly vouch for the motorcycle as it was originally mine (from new) and since selling it to Zev, I have had the opportunity to go on a number of rides with Zev.   He certainly looked after and respected his bike.

If you are interested, please contact Zev, either through the advertisement or his mobile phone number - 0449 044 954

If you want any other background information - please contact me

Graeme Beardwood
0402 300 449
Graeme Beardwood

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