Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018

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Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018 Empty Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018

Post by Ron Howell on Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:01 pm

At the designated starting time of 8:30 am, on an overcast and cool 14 degrees, 14 of us assembled at the Waurn Ponds car park where I gave a rough outline of where the ride “should” be going. I asked if everyone’s bikes could travel up to 220 kms on a full tank, but Mal said that he wasn’t sure as he was riding his new Harley and didn’t know its capabilities yet. This sounded promising for a few laughs and the opportunity for Lindsay to hand over the dreaded Empty Tank Award. Very Happy Very Happy

We travelled along the Princes Hwy to Winchlesea, and then I turned off to the Cape Otway Rd, trying to avoid the road works between Winch. & Colac and also to save time, but when we got back onto the Hwy after Birregurra, we pulled in behind a caravan we had overtaken before Winch. (So much for saving time). We went around the south of Colac and then back onto the highway until the Stoney Rises, then it was on to Cobden. When we arrived at the Cobden Bakery we were met with closed signs, these signs were along the whole main street of Cobden, it turns out that Powercore were doing major works in the area, so it was back to the outskirts of town where we had smoko at the Servo. (Bloody Mal took this opportunity to top up his tank, thus blowing the chance of getting the EmT Award). Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad

From Cobden it was then onto some great roads through scenic hilly farmlands to get onto the Great Ocean Road just east of Princetown, we then had a good run along the GRO to the Lavers Hill Roadhouse & Tavern, where we stopped for lunch. The Roadhouse supplied some good, fair priced food in a very comfortable setting; I will certainly be stopping there again. We were all going to refuel at L. Hill but as there was only 91% fuel available in town, most of us held off, and agreed to top up at Apollo Bay.

Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018 I-d4CZDJf-L

Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018 I-7kn7tpJ-L

From Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay I think we had the best run due to very light traffic travelling in our direction and these few cars pulled over and let us continue at a comfortably fast speed. (speed limits considered, dah!). Robyn left the group at Apollo Bay to travel home via the G.O.Rd, but the rest of us came home via Skenes Creek, Forrest, Deans Marsh (saying tut ta’s to Phil) and called it quits at Moriac.

All up, a good 390 kms of riding, thanks to Phil R. and later John G. for being T.E.C.s, and thanks for the pleasant company of the riders that came along for the ride. Congrats to Mal on his new bike, now he has to learn how to ride it without scraping the pegs, (you paid for the chrome on them)



Pics below courtesy of Mal Stapleton

Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018 I-Xd23JZN-XLWestern Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018 I-QFw6HHs-XL
Ron Howell
Ron Howell

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Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018 Empty Re: Western Districts & Otways 25th Feb 2018

Post by Jules Pearce on Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:35 pm

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make it Ron. Looks like it was a great run.
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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