Jamieson overnighter 3rd & 4th March

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Jamieson overnighter 3rd & 4th March

Post by Jules Pearce on Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:07 pm

Gentle organised a brilliant overnighter to the Jamieson Hotel on weekend of 3rd & 4th March. The route was excellent and included the brilliant twisty section between Eildon and Jamieson. The weather was warm and sunny on Saturday followed by the very balmy evening and then cool but sunny conditions for the ride home. I will leave it to Stan K for the write up, but below are a few pics from the weekend. Pics by Stan, Gentle & Jules.

Stan Kluzek's Report

What does Elsie the Blow Up Cow have to do with the ride to Jamieson?  Well you know they say -what goes on at the ride, stays with the ride.  Not this time.  In time Gentle will reveal all.

However, back to the ride!  Another great overnighter with ten riders, plus three pillions.  (Gentle & Colleen, Jules & Dorothy, Peter & Astrid, George, John, Richard, Graeme, Mal, Phil, & Stan)

We started off with a plan of no Tail-End-Charlie etc.  Just watch for the person behind you.  This lasted until Bacchus Marsh.  Gentle could see that this ragged bunch needed more organisation.  So back to the tried and true system.

Stops for smokos, and lunch led to discussions of the fallibility of SatNavs, and their frustrations. 

Victoria is so diverse and beautiful, with the gun-barrel straight eucalyptus trees around Healesville and the Black spur, then the dusty gravel road at Snobs Creek.  We would have eventually got to Jamieson if we kept following it.  But Gentle, seeing the error of his way, rounded us up and turned us around, just when it was getting interesting.   Well done to those who were either 2-up, or on conventional bikes, to stay upright! We would have got to Jamieson, via this road, as a detailed map reveals, but there would have been some very pissed-off riders.

Ah ha, the actual turn was found just a couple of  kilometres down the road at Eildon.   This gave us a fantastic ride of 61 kilometres of twisty corners and a winding road into Jamieson.   So much so, that there seemed to be a few riders checking other bikes for the presence of chicken-strips.
After a ride from Geelong of 361 kms, we booked into our accommodation at the hotel, refreshed ourselves and headed for the bar.  (Thanks Colleen for more twisties)  Our hosts were flat out with a wake at the pub, but managed to feed us before we fell asleep.  Originally we did not look like being fed until after 8:00pm, but they managed to squeeze us in much earlier. 

Conversations were about SatNavs, gear boxes, the absence of a white-walled-tyred new Harley Davidson and Mooo – Cows.    But by 9:30pm we were all starting to fade and drifted off to our beds.

The next morning saw us on the road by 8:20am!  Breakfast at Mansfield.  Mal constantly keeping an eye out for petrol.
We had a short stop for a bit of “ah, the serenity” and petrol at Bonnie Doon.   Then our next stop was Murchison’s Gap Lookout for a photo opportunity and a spectacular view.  If you travel the C382 (Strath Creek Rd) check out the lookout.

We stopped for lunch at Lancefield and then travelled on past Hanging Rock and through Mt Macedon.  Miranda, Miranda.  Where are you?
Sundays in smaller regional towns seem to be getting busier, which is a good thing.  Gisborne was very busy.  Our last stop was Bacchus Marsh where we said our goodbyes and basically headed our own way back to Geelong, clocking up 344kms for the return journey.

This was a really enjoyable ride, with a lot of variety.  Gentle does such a great job at getting things organised.    

Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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