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Pyalong mid-week ride pics Empty Pyalong mid-week ride pics

Post by Jules Pearce on Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:55 pm

We had a huge crew of 27 riders for a terrific ride in perfect conditions for Wednesday's ride to the Pyalong pub. Unfortunately the meals were VERY slow in being served. Thanks to Gentle for organising the ride and leading it, and to Patt for being the TEC. Pics below by Jules, Stan, Peter Townsend and Peter Barclay. Report below courtesy of Peter Townsend.

Twenty-one Ulysseans assembled at the Waurn Ponds Maccas car park on a cool, overcast and still morning – the type of weather that would prove to be conducive to pleasant riding conditions. One of the group however was a bit surprised by the large number of riders that had gathered as he thought this particular Wednesday was just a WACO ride! (Wed and coffee only).  A quick phone call then ensued to gain an extension to his “leave pass”!  It was also good to see four of the group were women riders  - they even outnumbered the Peters!!  Also, an outside observer would have to be forgiven for thinking it was a “BMW Owners Club” gathering  - I counted 7 “Spinning Propeller” logos.  Anyway, Noel’s arrival (thankfully not on a BMW) was the signal for “Gentle”, our ride leader, to give us a “heads up” on the plan of attack and we then headed off with Patt C volunteering for TEC duties.
We made our way out through Highton and onto the Ring Road heading east, taking the Bacchus Marsh Rd. exit, and then along the Bacchus Marsh Rd through to the “Marsh”. Outside the Barwon Prison we picked up another 5 riders (3 bikes and 2 Spyders) – at this point I assumed they were fellow Ulysseans and not part of some mass prison “breakout” – even though a couple of them looked decidedly dodgy and suspicious! However, there was no wailing of sirens coming up behind us as we rode on, so all seemed to be well. Jimbo then joined the group at the Granite Rd. intersection, swelling our number to 27. Boy, Pyalong won’t know what hit them when this lot turns up!! Anyway, from the “Marsh” it was along the “Razorback” road to Gisborne, where we stopped for morning coffee alongside the parkland in the main street.
After coffee, we left Gisborne cutting across to the Riddells Creek road and on through Riddells Creek to Monegeetta where we turned north up through Romsey and Lancefield. Large sections of the Lancefield Road are currently being duplicated and our progress slowed down somewhat with continuous roadworks. One day, when all these roadworks are completed, Victoria should be able to boast the best roads in the world! We turned right just north of Lancefield onto the Pyalong road. Now this road is one of those gems made exclusively for motorcyclists – good bitumen surface, fast sweeping corners, great views of the undulating countryside and bugger all traffic! Unfortunately though, it’s only 20 klms long and we were soon turning left onto the Northern Hwy and into Pyalong.
We pulled into the pub car park and 27 helmets were removed, revealing 27 grinning, smiling faces – doesn’t take much to make us happy!  Ah, the Pyalong pub – not sure how best to describe it?? Walking through the front door was a bit like entering a time capsule and being transported back to the 1980’s – probably around the time the place was last painted and refurbished.  A blackboard above the bar had a chalked menu that I suspect hadn’t altered for around 30 years, including the prices! A steak for $12, hamburger & chips $5.50 – Seriously??  The whole operation was run by 2 people – assuming husband and good lady wife – he took orders, pulled beers and waitressed, she cooked the meals. They both had that laid back, easy going demeanour of country people – nothing seemed to faze them and they methodically worked through their tasks. Needless to say the arrival of 27 meals, cooked single handedly, took the best part of a couple of hours, which was not a bad thing as it gave plenty of time for relaxing and our usual in depth and philosophical discussions. At the table I sat at, one of the topics raised was why would you live in Pyalong and what would the hell would you do there?? After some debate, we agreed that the most endearing feature of Pyalong appeared to be the roads leading out of it!!  It was also interesting to note that a smaller blackboard to one side of the bar was advertising the fact that the pub was up for sale, and, as we left I noticed Peter B in earnest discussion with the Licensee! I think you should buy it Pete – give us a good reason to go back and you’d be able to offer a club discount on meals!!?
During our “Long Lunch” 4 of our group, once fed, decided to call it quits and head off home under their own steam – the remaining 23 eventually saddled up and headed north on the Northern Hwy up to Tooborac where we turned left onto the Lancefield / Tooborac Rd. After a further 10klm or so it was turn right and then through Baynton East where we encountered a bit of dirt to play in (which Gentle had promised at the start of the ride). Then it was on through Pastoria and into Kyneton where we stopped for refuelling.
After Kyneton we made our way south onto the road that runs between the Lauriston Reservoir and the Upper Coliban Reservoir and then through Spring Hill, crossing the Spring Hill Rd and then travelled south on the Trentham / Spring Hill Rd down to Trentham Falls. It was then left onto the Daylesford / Trentham Rd and right at the golf course and down into Trentham. From Trentham we headed south down through Newbury, Blackwood, Dales Creek and into Greendale where we stopped at the public toilets to stretch our legs and empty bladders. We then headed down into Ballan and onto the Geelong / Ballan Rd and to Anakie where the ride formally finished.
In summary, an extremely enjoyable and pleasant days ride (approx 360klm) with the usual great mix of interesting and occasionally challenging country roads led capably by Gentle – the weather made for relaxed riding conditions with sunshine eventually breaking through and warming us up after a reasonably cool start to the day. Patt (our TEC) showing womanly concern, thanked us all for not falling off! That small sentiment in itself speaks volumes, and reminds us all that a great day’s ride can turn “pear shaped” in the blink of an eye – a sobering thought! This was our second excursion to Pyalong      (the first back in October last year), and it takes in new territory for most of us – it’s definitely a great area to explore on our longer Summer rides with the advantage of increased daylight hours.

Peter T         
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Jules Pearce
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