June 13 Ballarat Ride

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June 13 Ballarat Ride Empty June 13 Ballarat Ride

Post by Jules Pearce on Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:46 pm

Below are some pics from June's mid-week ride to Ballarat via Bacchus Marsh for morning tea and a heap of back roads. A ride to Ballarat in winter doesn’t sound like a great idea on face value, however, after two days of rain and strong winds, Wednesday arrived calm and dry, but with a forecast of showers later in the day. Eighteen riders were not put off by the weather forecast and turned up at Waurn Ponds for the start of the ride. We had three Spyders in the group—and four Peters!

Noel Clough volunteered to be Tail-End-Charlie, Mark did a ride briefing and after a happy snap we hit the road. We headed along the ring road and then turned off towards Anakie, then travelled from Anakie across to Balliang and then to Mona’s Café at Bacchus Marsh for morning tea. It’s a terrific little café right near the market gardens. Sheryl met us at the café and boosted our numbers to 19.

From morning tea onwards I’m a little vague on which specific roads we took, they all seemed somewhat familiar but perhaps approached from unfamiliar directions!. (And I wasn’t planning on writing the ride report, so didn’t pay attention). Suffice to say that we travelled along the Pentland Hills, near Ballan along the Old Melbourne Road through Gordon and then via a convoluted route to the outskirts of Ballarat and on to the Royal Mail Hotel at Sebastopol.

The warmth and cosiness of the pub was very welcome as the ambient temperature had been around 8C—10C for most of the morning.  After a good lunch with meals served promptly we saddled up, fuelled up the bikes and headed out the Colac Road, then cut across to the back of Mt Mercer and wound up at Inverleigh to complete the ride. I haven't had time to work out all the roads that we went on and I know I wasn't the only one who had no idea where we were at some stages! 

It was great to ride some new roads. It was just starting to drizzle at Inverleigh and we said our goodbyes and headed off pretty quickly before the rain came. I just pulled into my driveway in Torquay as it began to rain properly. All up it was a great winter’s day riding, with an excellent turnout of riders given the prior poor weather and a mediocre forecast. We dodged the rain and the northerly wind had dried the roads out nicely after Tuesday's rain.

A big thanks to Mark Nicoll for organising and leading the ride and to Noel Clough for being TEC.

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-ZD4JkKc-L 

The crew at Waurn Ponds

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-kFxgPxV-L

Listening to Mark's briefing.

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-S38bDBF-L

Morning tea stop at Bacchus Marsh. (Photo credit Mark Nicoll)

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-jS9qNKM-XL

Peter Boer took no risks for a wet seat over lunchtime.

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-mk4cwDs-L

Pic above courtesy of Peter Barclay

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-jpL3m4s-L

Stealth photographer and bikes at Royal Mail Hotel

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-s7w34NN-L
Pic above courtesy of Peter Barclay

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-tHtrGRc-L

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-bt5p3vB-XL

Ride leader Mark - thanks for a great route that fitted well a winter ride.

June 13 Ballarat Ride I-4pvMjRq-L

Peter on the other side of the lens!

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Jules Pearce

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June 13 Ballarat Ride Empty Re: June 13 Ballarat Ride

Post by Mark Nicoll on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:08 am

Thanks Jules,
It was a great turnout for a Winter ride into Ballarat.
I enjoyed leading the ride and got good feedback. Thanks for doing the photos and report.
Mark Nicoll
Mark Nicoll

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