24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride

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24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride Empty 24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride

Post by Jules Pearce on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:15 am

Below are some pics I've been sent by Gentle and Peter Barclay of Sunday 24 June long ride. A big thankyou to Mark Nicoll for the Ride Report.

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-PBzXrV8-L

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-wKs7HkH-XL

The weather was cold but fine as about 15 riders gathered at the start point.
The briefing was memorable to me for one thing – Gentle saying that as he was on “that old thing” (pointing at his cruiser), it would all be at speed limits… more on this later.

Off we go via Anakie, Ballan, turned off along little-known roads like Moorabool West Rd, Springbank Rd, through Wattle Flat to morning tea stop at Creswick.

Thermoses were emptied, coffees were purchased, chins were wagged and tyres were kicked. 

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-jfPL4hs-L

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-WmNbXfd-L

Leaving Creswick, we then tackled some back roads skirting around Kingston and Smeaton areas, through some nice scenic areas, and then via Yandoit and Newstead to into Maldon which was our stop for lunch.
It was very quiet in Maldon that day, the quietest I remember, maybe due to the cold weather.
Most of us went to the Maldon Bakery, and stood around outside eating our pies and assorted goodies. A few others disappeared into town somewhere...
At the appointed departure time, some riders then ducked off to get fuel in town, most waited.
Then we all geared up and as Ron finally found his key in his pannier lock and was ready to go, he then noticed two bikes without riders. Off comes helmet, off comes Ron.

About to go searching, when two riders (who shall remain nameless) wander back from their ‘long lunch’. Still don’t know where they went – must have been better than just a pie!
We just admired Ron as he steadily herded the cats…
24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-HSfTgrz-L

Once all together and finally ready, we headed north out of town, turned off along the delightful little Fogarty’s Gap Rd then wound our way up the steep and winding road over the magnificent Mt Alexander – at around 800m elevation.

Ron got us all off the road and off the bikes and out onto a granite outcrop for a photo shoot. It’s always great riding up and over Mt Alexander!

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-NTZZzwB-L

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-HJWzSd4-L

24 June Maldon, Romsey, Mt Macedon ride I-8rz2LDC-L

Down off the mountain and we hung a left, through Sutton Grange and into Redesdale, where the remaining half or so of the group got fuel.
Out of Redesdale we turned off near Barfold along little known Watchbox Rd – a lovely 10km detour with some very nice bends and great scenery.
Turning then onto the very interesting section of the Burke & Wills Track for about 20km bringing us from the North into Lancefield.
From here it was through Romsey and Hesket on to the back road into Mt Macedon, where most of the group were divided up by the “interesting” driving behaviour of some of the tourists… and we all stopped down the other side for a break and de-brief.
It was decided that time was getting on, and despite Ron having more options for the run home, we all decided it would be straight home from here.
So off through Gisborne, Toolern Vale, skirted Bacchus Marsh and scooted down to our last stop just before the Ring Rd, with some riders departing without stopping here.
It was a big day out, covering around 430km, and then some to home, and one of the best rides I have done with the club. Lots of familiar roads, some surprises, and all linked together really, really well. Riding over two mountains, lots of twisties, mostly backroads, some new ones – what’s not to love!
Congratulations on a great job and a big thankyou to Gentle for putting it all together and leading. Thanks also to Rob Van Zee for a great job as TEC.
Oh yeah! That comment of Ron’s at the start…
Let’s just say that the ride all day was “brisk” – and I don’t mean the weather!!

Thanks for reading!

Mark Nicoll
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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