Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18

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Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 Empty Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18

Post by Ron Howell on Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:19 pm

Congrats to Peter Townsend on organising a great ride, thoroughly enjoyed by all that participated. Very Happy Very Happy

Peter's Ride Report

          A cold but albeit sunny Winter’s morning encouraged 10 Ulysseans to front up at the Corio Roadhouse for the 9:30am start. The weather forecast was predicting a top temp of around 14 degrees with a bit of a north westerly breeze – however and more importantly NO rain and NO fog. Everything was looking good for an enjoyable shorter ride around the Victorian countryside. Again it was encouraging to see 2 women riders in our group – they came close to outnumbering the Peters!! “Gentle” volunteered for TEC duties and after a short ride briefing and the odd photo shoot we “saddled up” and headed off.
We wound our way through the back streets of Corio finding the Lower Anakie Rd, then turned left onto Lovely Banks Rd and crossed the Anakie Rd and headed out to Maude where we turned left onto the Perdrisat Rd. This picturesque road snakes down into the Moorabool Valley, across the river and then up the other side where it meets the Midland Hwy – Most of this road has a 60klm/h limit due to a horrific truck accident a couple of years ago! We continued on across the Midland Hwy eventually meeting the Meredith/Shellford Rd where we turned left bringing us to the Bannockburn/Shelford Rd, where we turned right. At Shellford it was turn left onto our favourite “twisties” road and across to the Hamilton Hwy where we turned right. A short burst up the Hwy brought us to Flemings Rd where we chucked a leftie – this road then runs into Barwon Park Rd which took us into Winchelsea, our morning coffee stop. Certainly cool riding conditions and my heated grips were dialled up to the highest setting!
Our coffee stop was at Café La Hoot, alongside the Barwon River next to the public toilets. Now, if you are familiar with this café you will know that it is extremely small and around 5 customers will fill the serving area to capacity (all the seating is outside or in a room in the adjoining house)  – so imagine our surprise to see around 10 Japanese tourists crammed inside trying to order food and coffee by pointing and animatedly gesticulating at things! The staff were looking a little ragged, so we held back for a while till the chaos cleared. By the time we placed our orders the tourists were starting to disperse and even some of the outdoor seating was freed up. Also, during our break, some of our group were enjoying their coffee whilst poking and prodding at Graham’s Bandit which apparently had temporarily died just as we came into Winch. The prognosis appeared to be a loose connection on one of the battery terminals – or as the other Peter succinctly put it – it was a case of terminal terminal!?
After morning tea Kate headed back home for work commitments, and the rest of us headed west out of Winch turning right onto the Cressy Rd. This road led us past Lake Murdeduke (predominantly dry!) and eventually becomes the Eurack Rd which runs into the main Ballarat/Colac Rd where we turned right.  A few kays along we turned left onto the Corangamite Lake Rd. Now, this is the 3rd time I have ridden this road and it is fast becoming one of my favourite roads – it is a narrow strip of bitumen  weaving through undulating farming country with gentle, sweeping corners, reasonable road surface and very little traffic. The odd “blind” corner keeps your heart in your mouth and adrenalin levels up! It is indeed a 25klm long roller coaster – a thoroughly exhilarating and smile inducing experience! Unfortunately, we were all too soon at the Warrion Rd intersection where we turned left taking us to the Coragulac/Beeac Rd. Turning right at this intersection and travelling all of 50 metres landed us outside the Pub where we were greeted by Stan, who had come from Colac to join us for lunch. Whilst waiting for us, Stan had been occupying his time by flying one of them thar new fangled flying drone thingies – ah, kids and their toys!
We settled inside the pub, which had an open roaring fire in the bar and also in the dining area – very inviting and we were soon comfortably warm and thawing out.  The pub was relatively busy with some local families celebrating  - I assume someone’s birthday, and there were heaps of “tin lids” running around with sparkly painted faces. One of the women had set up at one of the tables and was applying warpaint and sparkles to anyone who ventured too close! We were going to suggest to her that Gentle could do with a makeover, but decided she wouldn’t have enough paint, and besides, she didn’t have a stepladder!
Meals arrived in a prompt and timely manner and soon everyone was occupied with the serious business of eating. The menu was quite extensive and the burger I ordered certainly looked the part, however, appearances can be deceptive – unfortunately the beef pattie and bacon were a bit on the rare side. This was compensated by the fried egg which had been nuked – could have played a round of squash with the yoke! Also there was a mysterious disc covered in mayo and closer forensic examination revealed it to be a pineapple ring – sadly, I do not do pineapple regardless of how well disguised it is! Fortunately, there was a bottle of “dead ‘orse “ on hand and it all became quite palatable after that – with the exception of the pineapple!
        So, with our relaxed lunch done and dusted it was time to go and play in the traffic some more – Jules and Mark both called it quits at this point as they both had people in Colac they wanted to catch up with, and the remaining 7 of us headed South West towards Colac. We turned left onto the Ondit/Warrion Rd and at its end it was right onto the Ballarat/Colac Rd. This brought us on to the Princes Hwy where we chucked a rightie and into Colac. We refuelled at the Shell servo on the Hwy and then found the Colac/Forrest Rd and headed East. This brought us on to the Colac/Murroon Rd which becomes the Deepdene Rd when it crosses the Birregurra/Forrest Rd. ( Note – this is the “killer” intersection that has copped a lot of press over the last year or so  - hence the new signs, flashing lights and ripple strips). Traversing through this gently undulating countryside adjacent to the Otways on dry roads and with the sun shining brought home exactly what motorcycling is all about! – AND - it’s  Winter!!
       Then it was on through Deans Marsh, left onto the Winch/Lorne Rd and through Bambra, turning right onto the Cape Otway Rd and on past Wurdi Buloc Reservoir and into Moriac, where the ride formally finished. It was gratifying to see smiling faces throughout the day’s ride (10 at morning coffee, 9 at the lunch stop and 7 at ride’s end). Many thanks to Ron for efficiently sweeping the tail and - as usual, can’t wait for the next.
                 Peter t.

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-kqntJRw-L
Ron Howell
Ron Howell

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Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 Empty Re: Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18

Post by Jules Pearce on Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:51 pm

Agreed, a really enjoyable ride. Here are a mixture of photos, from Peter Barclay, Graham Aitken and Jules.
Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-Nch2D5T-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-fHgvWd3-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-wKvKKMj-XL

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-RckrwXp-XL

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-bZsDmQW-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-NDxjLVd-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-DwHt5Vw-XL

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-MD6HNbp-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-sNWnSfD-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-j39N383-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-DP9bwPZ-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-SftBsRw-L

Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 I-dZ8X6vw-L
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 Empty Warrion

Post by stan@kluwell.com on Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:10 pm

Great to meet the group out at Warrion. 
 Tried to download the footage from my drone, but have figure out how to reduce the size.   
See you after we get back from Africa.  
 regards Stan


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Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 Empty Re: Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18

Post by Mark Nicoll on Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:27 pm

Had a great day out riding as well - and a good old pub roast meal to boot!
Thanks Peter and all those who came along.
Mark Nicoll
Mark Nicoll

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Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18 Empty Re: Warrion Pub Ride 1/7/18

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