4 July ride to Otway Hydroblasting / Classic Wheels and Spokes

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4 July ride to Otway Hydroblasting / Classic Wheels and Spokes

Post by Jules Pearce on Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:53 am

Many thanks to Tim and Michelle Loone for hosting the Geelong Ulyssess Branch for a visit to their motorcycle racing & restoration focussed business. Tim and his staff made us really welcome providing us with a BBQ lunch as well as answering many questions about the Classic (and Post Classic) race bikes that they prepare in house, their customer bikes and demonstrating the hydroblasting process. Thanks also to Peter Barclay, who is Tim's Father-in-Law, for organising the visit and leading an approx 80 kilometre ride to Inverleigh and to James Lupton for being Tail End Charlie. Thanks also to Mrs Barclay for baking the excellent cup cakes and slice! 

Click on the link below to read Peter's write up


We watched this casing being hydroblasted. It was amazing how quickly it transformed it.

The Loones are really into sidecar racing. Both Michelle and Tim have their own outfits. Tim's Honda Four powered machine above. Michelle has her own custom built Norton Atlas powered machine.

John & Peter got to play with the toys!

Below- A racing outfit frame built completely in house.

Below are a selection of really interesting and rare motorcycles being worked on.

As someone who is a regular spectator at Classic / Post Classic racing it was instructive seeing just how much work goes on behind the scenes to get a race bike or outfit on to the track, and also get a glimpse of some of the specialized services that are available locally.
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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