Sunday 22 July Ride to Crown Hotel Newstead

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Sunday 22 July Ride to Crown Hotel Newstead

Post by Jules Pearce on Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:09 pm

Below are some photos from today's excellent ride. Ron (Gentle) did a terrific job of leading a ride via many roads that most of us had never been on. Thanks to John Grace as TEC and Rob vanderZee for the ride report.

Rob vanderZee's report:

By 9.30 am. on the 22nd July, fifteen riders on an assortment of two and three wheeled machines were ready to leave our North Geelong starting point for the central Victorian town of Newstead. The temperature was a chilly eight degrees, but the sun was poking through and there was only a mild breeze blowing, all combining to make for excellent riding conditions.

Now if there is one certainty on a Sunday ride such as this, we have come to learn that when Gentle is ride leader it also goes without saying that he has a dislike for any major road, hates going in a straight line for more than a few minutes and the more obscure the road the more likely it is that he will lead us down it. Today was no exception and Gentle did not disappoint.

A "Statler & Waldorf" moment at the ride briefing

Heading away from North Geelong it wasn’t long before Gentle was designating corner markers with abandon. The route he chose to reach our first stop, Bungaree was basically a mixture of turn left, right, straight ahead, up, down, around and repeat. Everyone’s indicator thumb was getting a severe workout as Gentle bamboozled everyone’s sense of direction. After an hour or so of this riding procedure we reached our first stop, the ‘picturesque’ township of Bungaree at 10.55am. This fine country metropolis basically consists of one small general store possessing a fuel bowser, basic refreshments and a closing time of 11.00 am. 

Morning smoko at Bungaree general store

Gentle & Marlene

It was warmer outside in the sun than inside

Please don’t ask which roads or other towns we passed through to get here as I really have no idea and as I discovered from fellow riders neither did they. After a quick stop for a coffee and fuel the team departed for our lunch time destination of Newstead. Yet again, our ride leader was able to find a wide variety of secondary roads, many of somewhat dubious quality which on numerous occasions required some careful concentration and riding prowess in allowing oncoming traffic to pass safely.

It is at this point in my report, (and I may add with a degree of consternation) that I need to inform all club members of a somewhat bizarre occurrence. Somewhere along this route our compatriot Lindsay, whilst thrusting his trike exuberantly over these country lanes unfortunately lost his gonads, (colloquial – ‘balls’). These said, ‘balls’, described later by Lindsay as, ‘very…. large, weighty, bouncy and fluorescent’ mysteriously parted ways from their esteemed owner from the rear end of his three-wheeled machine. As of this time, the exact whereabouts of this prize possession remains unrecovered. However, when I reflect on Lindsay’s somewhat graphic description I feel sure that in the not so distant future this particular set of balls will be recovered and probably help to decorate  the rear of a farmer’s ute or a VicRoads maintenance truck. Hopefully, in the meantime, they won’t be spotted glowing in the dark by some poor farmer’s wife returning to her country property from a CWA meeting and thereby causing said person to run off the road and into a boggy ditch. 

Lunch was enjoyed at one of the two Newstead Hotels with the Ulysses members making up 100% of the dining room clientele for the day with the food generally considered to be of good quality and value. 

Terrific lunch venue

Trying to work out where the hell we'd been!

"Then along came Noel" and below the beautiful new bike he's just bought

The return trip saw Gentle lead his convoy in a southerly direction, again taking every opportunity to turn down minor country roads and back roads. He even ensured that we only rode through the outskirts of Hepburn Springs and Daylesford. We meandered back over the Western Highway, through Gordon and back onto the familiar roads leading to Ballan, Fiskville and Anakie where four-wheeled traffic began to split up the riding group to some extent with limited opportunities to all stick together. The day’s ride ended at Lovely Banks where it was realised that we were a couple of riders short. Apparently, the final turn from the Anakie Road had caused a slight hiccup with the corner marking system.

Rob V

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Re: Sunday 22 July Ride to Crown Hotel Newstead

Post by Mark Nicoll on Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:20 am

Looks like a great day out with some interesting roads! Sorry I missed this one.
Mark Nicoll

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A great report

Post by Ron Howell on Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:30 pm

I love your work Rob. Very Happy
Ron Howell

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Re: Sunday 22 July Ride to Crown Hotel Newstead

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