Wed 15th August Trentham Ride

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Wed 15th August Trentham Ride Empty Wed 15th August Trentham Ride

Post by Jules Pearce on Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:03 pm

Wed 15th August Trentham Ride I-FvS576M-L

Ron Howell's report and pics by Graham Aitken
Ten hardy souls gathered at Waurn Ponds to brave the predicted high winds and showers. After our Ride Leader for the day, John Grace, gave us a run down on the planned route and announced that Patt Cristina would be Tail End Charley, we all lined up for a photo opportunity for Graham  A’s records.
Once all housekeeping was done it was “gentlemen (and ladies) start your engines”, we departed from Maccas and travelled along the old Princes Hwy to Cochraines Rd  then onto Ceres. From Ceres it was across to Stonehaven and along Friend in Hand Rd, at the intersection of Friend in Hand Rd and Fyansford Gherinhap Rd one of our members must have been getting bored and chose to corner mark to the left, but the Ride Leader was going straight ahead, all was good because we were all in a pack and all followed the leader, including the red faced member who followed T.E.C. across the intersection.
From here it was onto Batesford and then onto Anakie where we picked up Jimbo, and continue along Ballan Rd to Ballan for smoko. The interesting part of this leg of the route was following the riders it looked as if everyone was fairly drunk on their wheels, as the wind was blowing strong enough for everyone to be swaying from one side of the lane to the other.
Wed 15th August Trentham Ride I-dspDr9N-L
We enjoyed a break with plenty of conversations at Ballan, and then back on the bikes to Greendale and then up the hills to Trentham for lunch. After lunch 70% or riders put on wet weather gear due to the drop in temperature and the approaching dark clouds. We left Trentham and travelled to Daylesford where some took the opportunity to top up the tank, from Daylesford it was straight through to the Anakie reservoirs, where we turned off towards Meredith , where John did a “Darkie” and call an end to the ride due to impeding showers.
Congratulations must go to our leader, John, for avoiding the rain all day; it looked like there were places where it rained within 5 - 10 minutes of our arrival, and Patt did a good job as usual being T.E.C.
Thanks for letting me join in on an enjoyable Mid Week Ride, you all know the saying:- “Any day on a bike is better than a day at work”.
Wed 15th August Trentham Ride I-4KLmR8w-M
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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