Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride

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Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride Empty Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride

Post by Jules Pearce on Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:58 am

Ride report by Greg Burgess. Map and pics courtesy of Gentle.

Our afternoon stop was Winchelsea where I was democratically? dumped on to compose the ride report. Our fearless leader "Gentle" said "as you have a sat nav you know where we have been." I didn't have the heart to tell him it was turned off and had no clue as to where I was half the time as I was enjoying the ride.
So here goes.

Arriving at Waurn Ponds Maccas I made the mistake off parking behind Ricard Scarff's BMW 1200RT. Immediately the jibes started. "Is that the BMW parking lot"? My reply, "get back behind the white line peasants, you are not worthy." This friendly banter continued until Mal Stapelton started up his Harley.
With twelve bikes fired up after the ride brief the "dirty dozen" headed off into a cloudy cold day with a forecast of 13C wind and showers. A short run on one of our usual routes out of Geelong found us at Dean's Marsh where the weather had become quite cold and damp, prompting the Beemer Boys to turn on heated seats, bars, and any other overpriced device that generated heat. This cold snap probably accounted for all the hot pies and coffee consumed so early in the ride. Here we picked up Phil and his Harley bringing our numbers to 13.
With H2O on the windshields we headed off along many varied back roads around Colac through dairy country, many small settlements, Elliminyt, Barongarook West, Pirron Yalloak, Irrewillipe, Tandarook, etc, whose names were seen and forgotten as quickly as they arrived. We struck the inevitable cow excrement and now our bikes smelt like a milking shed. 
Lunch at Camperdown bakery. The usual pies and pasties were the go, and I did see the odd vanilla slice (as big as a mini) being wolfed down. It was good to see Bill and his Yammy 1300 again, who tried to chat up the waitress, even kissing her hand. A word to the wise Bill, you're a bikie, not Don Yuan.
Back on the road, out around Lake Corangamite along many of "Gentle's" famous back roads through Coragulac, Alvie, Eurach, to Winchelsea for afternoon tea. A short stop then down the highway to Mt Moriac where the "Beemers" parted ways with the group turning left and continuing on to the final stop. All up approx. 350kms.
Thanks to Ron ‘Gentle’ Howell for a great back roads odyssey and our TEC Bill Stapelton who did not see the high side of 90kph all day.
Greg ‘dodgy’ Burgess.
I leave you with the following!

  • Isn't it weird, when a cop rides by you feel paranoid and not protected? 
  • What is the cheapest thing on a BMW?    The rider.
  • If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical.


Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride I-3fDDwZz-L

To see an animated graphic of the route, click HERE

Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride I-GJnb6pK-L

Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride I-jHXx7Bc-L

Sunday 23rd Sept Camperdown ride I-QtStWkz-L
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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