December 2nd Poker Run

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December 2nd Poker Run Empty December 2nd Poker Run

Post by Jules Pearce on Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:06 pm

We had a great turn out for the Annual Poker Run - despite a threatening weather forecast. 

Peter Barclay had volunteered to organise the event this year and did an excellent job of it.  Peter also had some terrific helpers. A big thanks to Gentle, Mal and Richard for running the chuck wagon and cooking lunch. Thanks to Patt C for a great job as TEC - with just a little drama to deal with as Rob A overshot a corner and wound up throwing the bike into a ditch. Fortunately Rob wasn't hurt and showed his resilience by continuing the rest of the ride.

However, the stand out was the amazing morning tea (and lunch desert) baked and prepared by Di Barclay - just wait until you see the photos below. Thanks so much Di for not only the brilliant food but bringing a trailer load of chairs so that we didn't have to eat lunch standing up. I overheard quite a few people asking Di for her chocolate orange fudge recipes! For those who asked - the recipe is now added - just scroll down below the photos.

Thanks also to all who attended and participated and made the Poker Run a really enjoyable, fun event, despite the odd passing shower.

Below is Peter B's ride report:

How dare it rain on my ride. But it was possibly more comfortable riding today (Sunday) than Saturdays warm/hot weather. The criteria for the Poker run is to finish with a Barbie lunch, so that means a return as close to lunch time as we can manage. Hence, not as many K's as a normal Sunday ride. 120 K's was a good target. I sort of blew that a bit and trimmed it down to 150 K's. Timing worked out well I think. 
Started from Maccas Waurn Ponds and took our usual run out the back of W/Ponds over to Ceres (Sorry No Eggs again) up through the Dog Rocks and up the Ballan road then Steiglitz Rd, chuck a lefty into Bakers bridge Rd to The Midland Hwy head north then west into Bannockburn. Time for our second card draw. (First at the start). Through Bannockburn, left into Masons Rd down to Hamilton Hwy east to Pollocksford Rd, Barrabool Rd. over Colac Rd. and wound our way through the Moderwarre area ending the first half (maybe 2/3rd's) of our journey at the Freshwater Creek Hall.
We all enjoyed a cuppa and some cakes and other delights supplied/ baked by my misses, Diane. Drew our third card, then back on the bikes, headed west from Fresh Creek, over to  Forest Rd, headed south and hung a lefty at the chocolate factory, a loop past Bells Beach and over to the Bellbrae picnic area. Fourth card drawn, then we saddled up and a short run up the Anglesea Rd back to the Freshwater Creek hall, with Gentle, Mal, and Richard having stoked up the barbie for one of our famous Chuck wagon Barbies. Fifth card drawn, and winners prizes awarded, (3x 7's did it, with a pair of Aces winning 2nd and 3rd).
A big thanks to Gentle, for doing the grocery shopping and along with Mal and Richard cooking and generally preparing things for our invasion (twice). A big thanks to Pat for wagging the tail and my wife Diane for the baking. 
We struck rain twice during the first half of our journey. The first just enough to settle the dust, but a little further south, it got a little heavier and a little windy, but in  true Ulysses style we just motored through it and out the other side and left it behind. Our two stops in Fresh Creek were in sunny weather. Thanks to all participants for a great day, I know I enjoyed it. To those of you that requested a recipe of the slice, I will get it posted somewhere on the Geelong Ulysses site.
Thanks All.   Peter B.           

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Congratulations to Terry for the winning poker hand!

Chocolate Fudge
500 g  dark chocolate
1 can condensed milk
60 g  butter
Step 1 Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and microwave until chocolate is melted. Mix well till combined.  This can be done in a pan on the stovetop but be careful not to burn your chocolate

Step 2 Leave as is or add ingredients of your own choice eg nuts, dried fruit. I added a packet of Choceur Fine Chocolate Orange thins (Aldi). Mint Thins are good as well.

Step 3  Pour mixture into a lined slice tin and refrigerate until set.

Step 4 Use a warm knife to cut slice into small squares.
If using milk chocolate alter weight to 600g milk chocolate
If using white chocolate alter weight to 800 to 900 of white chocolate
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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