Club Permit / Red Plates potential problem

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Club Permit / Red Plates potential problem

Post by Jules Pearce on Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:17 pm

From Peter Barclay

I received a share on Facebook the other day from a friend who is Secretary of the Australian (or Victorian) Hot Rod Association regarding the Club Permit (Red Plates) scheme.
It seems Vic Roads have not been downloading the relevant data to their data base on "some" registrations. This means some vehicles are technically not registered. It seems that the only proof of payment/registration is a receipt of payment. The stamp in the Log Book is not proof of current registration. If your data has not been downloaded and you turn up next year for your renewal and you cannot supply a receipt of your previous year’s payment, you will have to go through the new registration process again. I.E. a roadworthy etc.! So in the case of an accident or registration check by Police, there will be a lot of work and stress to proof your vehicle is registered. (No receipt and you could be stuffed).
To reinforce this I received a share on face book again on the same subject from the Mark 1 Cortina Owners Association which I have an association with. Same story with a couple of Cortina's not being technically registered because of VicRoads not downloading to their database. I have it on good authority some VicRoads staff, behind the counter, are not trained/instructed/or capable of the correct procedure to finalize the Red Plate scheme to the relevant site. Hence, I think they may have a bit of a problem there.
Yours Etc.
Peter B.         
Jules Pearce

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