Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel

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Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel Empty Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel

Post by Jules Pearce on Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:27 am

Sunday Ride - The Pyalong Pub    22nd Oct’17
We gathered at Corio with reasonable weather, Willie volunteered to be Tail End Charley, so after an explanation on the Corner Marking System, to a “Virgin Ulysses” rider, the 16 riders on 14 bikes departed for hopefully an enjoyable and dry ride.

We had only travelled about 10klms when we came across some BMW riders turning right onto Bacchus Marsh Rd, some of these guys didn’t want to stop for anybody, even though we had the right of way, so they proceeded to mix in with us. I decided to pull our group over and let them get in front of us, which most of them did (except for one bloke on a very old bike and their TEC) but we soon overtook this couple.

We then proceeded onto where we bypassed Bacchus Marsh, and then into Long Forrest and on to Riddells Creek for smoko.

Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel I-FGBCt7N-L

Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel I-4dQbKsN-L

After smoko it was to Lancefield and then onto the very pleasant Pyalong Road, good road surface, good variety of twisties, sweepers, valleys, short straights and great scenery. We arrived at the Pub right on 12.00 noon, and were welcomed by the owner and his wife, after I apologised for my stuff up which put the wife under pressure, we were served a very good value lunch in reasonable time being 16 meals cooked by only one person. The outcome of the great service and meals is that in the words of “Arnie”  WE WILL BE BACK.

From Pyalong we travelled north then turned west onto a lovely country road, I forgot that I was the only one riding a “chook chaser” and included about 1 klm of gravel, but back on the black stuff we travelled more good roads into Kyneton for a top up of fuel. From Kyneton it was back roads to Trentham via a short stop at the Trentham falls.
Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel I-BbnVQtw-L

Gentle's Ride to the Pyalong Hotel I-NLPSD29-L

From there it was down the hills to Ballan where of course we were welcomed with rain, so it was a damp ride through to the finish point at Anakie.

Thanks go to those that came along for the ride, and special thanks to Willie for being Tail End Charley for us. Hopefully Brad and Peter enjoyed the day enough to come back for other rides.

Cheers, Gentle.
Jules Pearce
Jules Pearce

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